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A computer is an automatic device made up of mechanical electronic components that is capable of accepting, storing and retrieving vast amount of data in formatting and also carry out operations such as (arithmetic,logic) under the control of a stored program a high speed and subsequently come out with result in useful form. It also store and analyze information fed into it, for calculating and controlling in machinery automatically. Dos Santos(1993)

It can also be defined as an electronic device that is capable of accepting data through input device, processing the data and giving out the useful and meaningful result called output or information through the output devices or store it for further processing. Mauer D.C (1993).

Generally, a computer is made up of  two components, which are hardware and software.

Hardware component of a computer is physical part of the system .i.e the part that can be touched and kicked about. While, Software component of a computer system is the set of instruction (program) that enables the hardware component to carryout certain functions. Akin .F .A (1996).

The computer accessories which are used in the banking operations include Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), Tele-banking, Remote access, interest banking, Global System Mobile (GSM) etc. Some questions that need to be answered are, how one can trust these channels, our personal data and transactions which are driven by technology. Are they reliable and accuracy? Is there a way out to independently validate the integrity of information? If we analyze, why the lack of trust exists, we realize that the primary issues center on the following aspect   of information security. Dos Santos (1993).

There are various ways through which computers are widely used in the banking industry. It can used to carry out from simple complex task if the banks. For example, instead of making manual records and then storing the files all data is stored on computer through the use of storage devices. It is more quick and procedure. More data can be stored in this way. Moreover, data can easily stored, and retrieved from computers.

The online banking further give the evidence of excessive use of computers in banking sectors. Just in a couple of second you can retrieve all of your previous transactions in your accounts. Brynjofsson erik (1993). Various roles of computer accessories that make banking oiperations easier are Computer reduces the stress imposed on the Public Relation Officers  (P.R.O).      With the help of computer , there is no need to start looking for record of loans and advances rendered to any customer. With the help of computer the time consumed in performing this operation reduced. Brynjofsson Erik (1993).

Computerization in the banking operation is confronting a lot of problem which includes:

1.          Inadequate power supply.

2.          Level of literacy.

3.          Also, computers where they are installed it will require less human effort to

perform desired operation. This means it makes people to become lazy and          thereby losses their job. It also leads to fraudulent of money.

As a result of this, computerizations of bank have largr customers and huge profits as the aim of any business organization is to make profits. In this view, the researchers is interested on the Investigation   into prospect and problems of computerization in banking operations.


The following are the identified problems encountered with the banking sector to achieve its goals and will be looked into in relation to computerization in this research work.

·                    Inability of most banks to control fraudulent acts.

·                    Inability to store very vital and confidential information for later use.

·                    The problem of not being able to handle large calculations without mistake (accurately).                                Modern technology have brought about the use of computer system in all areas of our human endeavor’s in Nigeria (especially in the banking operations) because workers sees this as an attempt to replace them and to result  them into mass retrenchment or loss their jobs. Peffers K.G (1993).


The purpose of the study is as follows:

·                    To look into the meanings of computer.

·                    To determine the various computer (hardware and software) accessories used in banking operations.

·                    To determine the  usage of these computer  (hardware and software) accessories used in banking sector

·                    To determine the roles of computer  (hardware and software) accessories  in banking operations.

·                    To determine the problem confronting computer (hardware and software) accessories in banking operations.


The researcher are interested in finding solution to the following questions.

I.                What is the meaning of computer.

II.                What are the various accessories used in banking operations.

III.                What are the uses of computer accessories in baking operations.

IV.                In what way does the roles of computer accessories function in banking operations.

V.                What are the problems confronting computer accessories in the baking operations.


The findings of this research study will be immense values to the following peoples.

1.          Staff in the banking operations.

2.          Management in the banking operations.


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