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TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of Study 1.1.1   Organizational chart 1.2   Statement of the Problem 1.3   Aims and Objectives of the Study 1.4   Significance of the Study 1.5   Scope of the Study 1.6   Project Report 1.7   Definition of Terms CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1   […]

Design and implementation of online banking system

ABSTRACT  The application has three users, Managing Director, Teller and the Customer login page. The MD has access to all the transaction details, MD can create an Account , add staff and each account created will have password for security purpose which is going to serve as login details. The Teller can check account details, […]

Design and implementation of network activity monitoring system

(A CASE STUDY OF ANAMBRA STATE FEDRAL INLAND REVENUE SERVICES, F.I.R.S) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Attacks on computer by outside intruder are more publicized but the ones perpetrated by insiders are very common and often more damaging. Insiders represent the greatest threat to computer security because they understand their organization’s business and how their computer systems […]

Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Restaurant Management Information System

ABSTRACT This project work is primarily designed to give an insight to computer based restaurant management information system. It is as a result of problem associated with the existing system which involves the use of manual method in keeping information in the system. So among the numerous problems associated with the existing system are; staff […]

Design And Implementation Of An Electronic Patient Management System

ABSTRACT This project title is written to help hospitals especially SHONAHAN HOSPITAL, NSUKKA, Enugu in the areas they encounter problems in keeping their attendance scheme for patient and the solution given to tackle problem such as transforming the existing manual attendance scheme for patients system in which the existing problems involved at the time was […]

Computerized Crime Tracking Information System

ABSTRACT This project work intends to automate the existing criminal records of the Nigeria police using Enugu criminal investigating department. The essence was to produce durable criminal records and avoidable lost of criminal records. Structural database management system (DBMS) was used in its development in other to eliminate redundancy in the compilation, its friendliness in […]

Computerized transcript management system

A CASE STUDY OF CARITAS UNIVERSITY iv ABSTRACT This project is a computerized information management for transcript management which will help to over-come the undesirable problem associated with misplacement of student records, student’s grades, slow and strenuous accessibility of student report and record, inaccurate record keeping and poor information management within the schools. Here the […]


(A Case Study Of National Population Commission (Npc)) ABSTRACT The researcher chose to research on this topic “Computer Based Census Management System” because of its relevance to the society. Meanwhile, the manual method so far has its attendant problem of being tedious. The researcher, in order to solve this time consuming, monotonous, and repetitive manual […]