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A computer is a processor of information.  Said in another way, its an electronic device which has the ability to accept data from the keyboard as an (input device), process it in accordance with a pre-defined program to produce a useful result from the printer or monitor as an output device.  It can also store processed information.  The first electronic computer, where produce in 1930’s, by Dr. John Antanasoff and Clifford Berry and it was later advanced by another contributors called Dr John W. Marechly and BcKert in 1940’s, who studied the manuscript and came up with the ENIAL (Electronic Numeric Zutergrator and calculator) which allows fuster retrieves and processing of information. The escalating rate of population has made computerization imperative in the country between 1990 and 1998 alone, the manual statistical data of the country has reached to a very high standard.  The board of governors in the statistical presentation in Nigeria (census) finds it hard to get the accurate population of the country due to the inability of getting relevant information about the population a particular area. It was against this background that the governments comes to inevitable conclusion that the answer lies on computerization.  It is therefore the challenge of this research work to look into the factors hindering the statistical presentation of data and how computer system.




Statistic is scientifically the method of organizing, summarizing presenting and analyzing collected data coupled with the drawing of valid conclusion and reasonable decision. In a close view, the term  statistic is used to denote the data themselves or numbers derived from the data such as averaged when speaking of employment statistic, accident any events statistics etc.  After collecting statistics data the investigation has to classify and present them in form that make the important features  of his subject matter easily grasped and integrated. The methods of presenting data are as follows:

(i)    The text method

(ii)   The semi text method

(iii)  The tabulat method

(iv)  Diagrammatic and geographic method

In this write up we are concentrating on diagrammatic and graphic method which is related to our area of study. The diagrammatic and graphic method of presenting statistical data was introduced in the letter part of the eighteenth century by William Playfair, which consist of using diagrams charts and graphs in presenting data. This entails to readiness and quickly understanding of the  presented data Fortunately, information processing technology made a breakthrough in the invention and development of the computer system. A computer is s machine or electronic devices which stores data, analyze it and produce information as required from the data.

The manual presentation of data which involves the using protractors and others in platting of graph, drawing pie charts and others is time consuming and it also create s lot of stress to the investigation which may result to in accurate calculation of the presented data As the world grow in to a computer one and manual presentation of statistical data couldn’t help in the accurate calculation of the existing population. But with the introduction of the computer into the statistical world the computerize system present a terrific advantage over manually based system in that they enable the investigator to bring together promptly and accurate result of the population of a particular area

In Nigeria today, there has been a lot of misconception about the introduction of computer and its antecedent effect. Some had gone as far as saying that the impersonal effect associated with the  application of computers will eventually lead to unemployment, while there is not altogether false, there are those that I think  the introduction of computers in statistical presentation of data is a welcome development that had been log awaited.


This project was design due to :

(a) Inaccurate result always yielded due to manual presentation of data

(b) Time consuming of manual presentation of statistical data

(c) To give the investigator total relaxation

(d) To avoid waste of energy in drawing and plotting of graphs


This project is used to develop a software that will be used for charting in statistical presentation of data . the programme is designed in such a way that it interacts with the investigator and the investigator will give his own command on how he want the chart to be. The charting can be in :

(i)  Pie method

(ii) Tabular method

(iii) Graphic method

The pie method take the form of pie charts which  is drawn in form of a circle showing part of the total statistical data presented. Pie chart area effective diagram used for presenting data of proportion or percentages of a whole. The tabular method involves the systematic arrangement of facts and figures in series of boxes made up of rows and column, which makes the table easy to read and facilitates quick comparison The graphic form can be seen inform of bar charts which is a block diagram in which the length of the bar is proportional to the magnitude under consideration. They are used to show comparative figures in statistical presentation of data, several bars are placed together to facilitate comparison.


This study looks into the difficulties and time consuming, the investigator finds  himself into, the charting for statistical presentation was computerized to reduce most of this difficulties. The study is therefore designed to bring into account an overview of the application o computers in the various  service being rendered by t he investigator and how the application of computers has affected the efficiency of statistical presentation


In this research work, the only considered difficulty is time consuming encountered by the investigator while carrying out statistical research of the population of a particular area, which gives him a lot of stress in calculating of figures, drawing of charts and a lot of time will be wasted while carrying out the research manually . But with the help of computer charting, the difficulties and time consuming will be eliminated.  The survey is restricted to civil servants working with statistical presentation of data in Nigeria.



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